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Project Updates - Week of 4/22/19

Liora Manné - La Montage - raised yarn

Ceiling; Design for Gensler Hotel

Fabric Rug designs; Yayla design discussion

283 Broadway tile design: approved

Painting - NYC studio

Maggie Daly Arts Center, Bridgeport, CT - 5 year anniversary

Daniel Heyman studio visit

Gensler, Boston

Developing a design for a hotel ceiling for the Colonnade Hotel in Boston using plaster, wax and gold and silver wax layers.

Liora Manné

We are also working on design using the Liora Manné La Montage process for the second time. We would like to use yarn thread in this design for a contrast in relief texture. Below are examples of the texture and the colors of the thread.

283 Broadway

Final color for facade design

NYC Painting:

What I see from my desk in NYC is distracting. I try limit myself to how much time I spend painting it. Wednesday it was very sunny - the water was so blue. Thursday was very grey.

Thursday's view

Maggie Daly Arts Center, Bridgeport, CT

The artists in the center, though facing some mental and physical challenges are engaged, hardworking and creating beautiful images. They had a beautiful opening on Thursday in which they exhibited an installations using fabric, materials of all kinds and paint and worked together as a group to explore nature and history. Below is a print of drawing that was for sale.

Daniel Heyman Studio

Visited Daniel Heyman - his latest work is with paper screens and drawings.


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