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Project Updates - Week of 4/15/19

Tech Company, Boston

260 Franklin, Boston- Glass Strikeoff


260 Franklin, Boston - Felt Strike off

283 Broadway: Choosing color for glazed brick

NYC Paintings - Diebenkorn & Matisse

FAUX PAINTING - TECH Company, Boston (Saturday)

As a part of of finishing my project I was asked to do a repair on part of a wall. The carpenters added a wooden triangular plank to the side of part of wall to create the illusion of a square corner. I was asked to "faux" it in. I could not use plaster so I used acrylic paint instead. The challenge was that the piece on the end was not flush to the existing wall. Below are before and after photos.

Tech Company: Faux painting_wood repair primed (start of project)

Tech company_Faux Painting: Creating a layer of color that is the same value of existing plaster

Almost done.

260 Franklin: Glass Strikeoff at Stantec, Boston (Monday)

We approved the new glass sample from Skyline Design for the 260 Franklin project.

260 Franklin Felt Wall Strikeoff, Liora Manné showroom, New York (Tuesday)

The next day in New York, we approved the felt sample for the wall.

Felt Strikeoff 260 Franklin, Boston project

Wed.- Spring in NYC (Wed.)

Gramercy Park

NYC STUDIO: 283 Broadway: Picking color for tile

First Drafts (not glued)


2nd Draft

NYC Paintings: The paintings are views from the NYC Studio. They are observational paintings at the time trying to explore Diebenkorn/Matisse, specifically paintings from the

exhibit at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

View from studio

View from studio (NYC)

Matisse - Notre Dame


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