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Project Updates - Week of 4/8/19

260 Franklin, Boston

Tech Firm, Boston

Yayla, 283 Broadway, Cambridge

Liora Manné, D & D Building, NYC

Felt wall at 260 Franklin

260 Franklin:

Architect: Stantec

18' x 18' vinyl art piece, renovated lobby

The vinyl wallpaper art piece was hung last week. This week we have been painting on it to bring out the colors, using a lift and a paint brush taped to a bamboo pole.

We had a lot of visitors to our lift; people who work in the building find it unusual to see an artist at work. We have been asked to consult on colors for a dingy ("the big boat is black"); facetimed with a 7 year old child sick at home; and discussed art exhibits in Russia and San Francisco.

A resident art historian asked about my views on on the line between art & design - and I try to create an overlap. Her podcast: The Lonely Pallete, draws a connection between the viewer and an specific artwork.

Towards the end of the week, the photographers and videographers, Darby McLaughlin and Steven Julien-Stewart, came in helped photograph and paint.

260 Franklin: Unrolling the wallpaper

260 Franklin: Darby painting & Steven taking a video

Tech. Firm, Seaport Area

Architect: Gensler, Boston

The plaster walls are finished except for minor touchups. There were many designs created for this project: trying to get the texture and color just right. The final design has a concrete feel of texture with the warm color of ochre. The finish needs to stand up to the strong light in the space and to the flanking red aged brick walls .

We used color theory on vibration to give it some life:

1st coat: light blue

2nd coat: dark blue texture

3rd: black texture

4th: plaster wash deep reddish yellow

5th: plaster wash coat of lighter warm yellow

6th coat: medium greenish yellow

Final Coat: WAX

Tech. Firm: Plaster board designs created for the project.

Tech. Firm: The walls have the blue basecoat and one coat of darker blue texture.

Tech. Firm: 4th coat: darker reddish yellow

Yayla: Color Design for the exterior facade

Architect: Alex Svirsky

The owner of Yayla, Tibetan rug fabricator, is in the process of renovating his building at 283 Broadway in Cambridge. A Uzbekistan Tile design used on a larger scale, references the rug store within. This week we are picking colors for the exterior glazed tile (blues and greys) and for the tile pieces.

Yayla: color design using pattern

260 Franklin: Felt Wall

Architect: Stantec

At the moment we are refining colors for a felt wall for 260 Franklin. The fabricator Liora Manné, located in New York, has a large felt library match colors.

260 Franklin: Design for felt wall piece fabricated by Liora Manné


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