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Winter Break

PUMA: New Elevator Walls Project: plaster with projected images

Project with Elkus Manfredi - matching the feel of the stone (larger piece)

Cambridge (4:30)

260 Franklin: 2 Glass Wall installation with Stantec

Winter Studio

Metropolitan Opera: Magic Flute

Museum of Modern Art/NYC

Architect George Howe 1930's model for MOMA renovation

Drawing class at the National Arts Club/NYC

Cambridge Studio: Darby going onsite

Museum of Modern Art/NYC (again)

Project: Related Beal Wallpaper for The Quinn

Project 907 Main Street (Hotel)/Cambridge: Lobby Walls - approved design

Making alternative design boards using green glitter fabric as a stencil for the grid.


Fogg Harvard/Cambridge - (Mark Bradford/ Window Shopper)

Recommend this:

Morgan Library/NYC: Yeats by John Singer Sargent

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