onsite 33 Congress 8/18

One Greenway, Boston /review of placement of panels

Sara Egan is the creative director of the studio. A graduate of MFA program in painting from the University of Pennsylvania, she started in theatre at the American Repertory creating sets.  With a desire for more permanence (theatre sets have a limited life span), she made a move to architecture to work mainly in commercial and institutional spaces. 

Studio Direction

DALLAS onsite at 5:00am

Onsite Organization

Jun Hoshino is the onsite manager. Originally from Japan, Jun attended the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, winning the prestigious traveling prize. He is a thoughtful, meticulous and expert painter. At the studio, we feel very appreciative of his good humor, directness and organizational skills. Onsite he is the liaison with the GC's site supervisor and the other painters in our crew.

Ceiling Soffit (false floor) Art Deco Theatre in Boston

Onsite at 33 Congress Street

Darby McLaughlin is the photography manager. After setting up the photography studio in Cambridge, she oversees the transferring of images into digital files. She is very active in social justice through photography and is currently studying video & film at Massachusetts College of Art.


Production Management and NYC Sales

Quinn Lewis is our Production Manager in our New York Studio. As a recent Bard College graduate, he is also involved in social justice issues and will help steer the studio's practice.


Please contact him for all quotes and samples for the New York region at:


New York Studio

We are located in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan. 


cambridge studio

18 Royal Avenue

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new york studio

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